It’s Unavoidable

Today I was walking in the crowded town centre, my friend and I were going to do some grocery shopping. I was really in a good mood seeing as today was pretty sunny outside (and a sunny day in good old England supposed to be a happy day). Some guy passed by me and suddenly ‘ruffled’ my head and said “ah we’ll know how it feels if we did this” and sniggered as he walked away with his comrade.

Is it just me, or have you ever not touch a scarf before? I know, my scarf is so smooth no wonder you’re so tempted to touch it.

Just like what they said, “You’ll meet a lot of idiots in life.”


The talking is enough to express just how strange I am in your eyes, no need for the touching-touching session. I know that I’m an alien and you’re a part of the majority. Honestly though, you don’t want to see a demonstration of how a ‘fragile’ looking girl dislocate your arm’s joint.




“Weapon Ban” Put Fencing Club To an End

This is a breaking news that I got from Tim Morehouse as he raised the #LetThemFence campaign through Facebook. The first thing that came across my mind as soon as I heard about the news was, ‘ignorance turned into utter misconception.’

“The current interpretation of the non-weapon policy in NDSU… understands our fencing equipment as weapons,” says the club’s coach Enrique Alvarez.

Okay, so an olympic sport is thought to be ‘lethal.’ Honestly I really don’t see how the blunt-point weapons could be considered as harmful. It’s not as if fencers are obsessed of having Victorian era duels in public.


The diagram below is based on an article from Fencing as you can see there, is placed on the 27th on the percentage of injured athletes during the 2008 Summer Olympics. Yep, despite the fact that we are engaged in a battle of stabbing flexible metals with each other. Not to mention the thickness of our (somewhat) suffocating armouries, they also contribute in making fencing a safer sport.