Dr. Champ and All of Its Perks

I was in the midst of wondering whether there might be any fencing-related drama so I tried to browse on anything that was related with the category of ‘sport.’ In the beginning, a Hong Kong drama by the name of “Hearts of Fencing” really caught my eyes. When I watched the first four episodes though, my excitement slowly turned into boredom. As the drama progressed, its usage of fencing somehow starting to decrease, and whenever I watched some of its fencing scenes, I could only facepalm.

So I decided to move on to another drama and found Dr. Champ. A blend of medical, romance, and sport. The first protagonist was an orthopedist who got fired from her first job because she was a ‘whistleblower’ and eventually applied for a position at the Taereung National Village (a special place for training national athletes). The second protagonist was a stubborn judoka that by fate, met the doctor and from that the story started to progress.

Athletes, are different from normal people, that’s what I learnt from this drama. Throughout the drama I saw sacrifices, the blood, and the tears from practices, a coach figure they cherished very much and whom they looked up to, then comes the teammates that were like their second family as they went through all the joy and hardship. When normal people may recover from an injury for about 3 months or so, in athlete’s case it can be different.

It saddens me for the fact that these special individuals in my country aren’t very much well-facilitated, hence how their achievements compared to any other Southeast Asian countries for example, are falling behind.

Anyhow, I really recommend this drama to anyone who is a fan of sports and perhaps, medical-related stuff. Its realistic story plot is mixed with interesting characters and several plot twists, it made my heart goes dugeun-dugeun.

Oh and I found Nam Hyun Hee made a bit of appearance in a rather amusing scene.



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Currently Watching Dream High 2…


I’ve only reached episode 9 yet I’ve been falling in love with its storyline and all. Omo, I just couldn’t simply resist a drama with a love triangle in its plot. To be honest, I began to watch this drama because of JB and Jr.’s appearances in it. On top of that, some of my mates at school who also enjoyed Korean dramas seemed to be enjoying this drama’s predecessor (Dream High).

It started from Jin Yu Jin I suppose, someone who was very much passionate of the Rock and Roll spirit. In the beginning he detested those people referred to as the idols. He claimed that these idols actually rob the stage of potential talents (such as himself), making his attitude was all about “I don’t want to be famous. As long as I have my music, I’m happy.”

Whilst Sin Hae Song on the other hand, was a student who does extremely well academically but… kind of lacking in terms of musical talent? But! Hae Song here had endless determination and made her best effort in order to pursue her dream to become a singer. Although at the start she kept on running away from problems because of not having the utmost faith in herself, she began to learn that every person had their own different qualities and that, you know, everyone has their own specialty. 🙂

Then JB and his popular idol comrades suddenly entered in style, making everyone gaped, and nanannananananna. Competition happened, jealousy happened, love triangle happened, and Kirin Art School was modified into some… horrifying military camp or something. Oh and have I mentioned something about prejudice?

Just last night my fencing coach told me that practise isn’t about perfection, but in fact it’s a series range of repetitions. Repetition must be done in a relaxed manner, no need to rush it up. For a fencer, being relaxed on the piste is very much essential. If someone was tense, possibilities of injuries might be bigger and… well, you just froze on the piste, unable to move smoothly.

Also, it doesn’t matter if in some of the tries you did the moves wrongly. As long as you do the repetition on and on, step by step, you will accelerate. The speed will get quicker and quicker, you will get the hang of it soon enough! So yep, I felt that the protagonist’s struggles are actually relatable to my everyday life.

Now. I shall finish watching JB and all of his awesomeness in this drama.


Determined Nibras in a nutshell


Beauty Samurai With Masaki Okada


According to UrbanDictionary, Otomen is “a man who has feminine hobbies and skills and a feminine way of thinking.” In other words, a girlish guy.

In this live action drama with the same title adapted from the manga made by Aya Kanno, the main character was played by Okada Masaki. He portrayed Masamune Asuka who was known to be the principal’s son and the word ‘charismatic’ was smeared all over his face wherever he went to. All of his kouhais looked up to him for being so competent in the Japanese martial art of kendo. However, behind that perfectionist facade, lied another side of Asuka.

After school he would immediately rushed to his room and opened up his secret drawers full of fuwa fuwa things that he may as well made by himself. He knitted dolls clothing, he’s a brilliant cook (made myself as a female ashamed of how I cooked a particular carbonara that tasted like vomit, ew), he had great taste in women fashion and he also read shoujo manga.

I must admit though, at the first glance this drama’s main attraction was the kendo itself. I’m a fencer and I just couldn’t help but to fangirl at anything sword-related, that is including seeing how ‘fencing’s distant cousin’ is being put up in a drama. Otomen also never failed to entertain me in so many ways. Behind all of those humorous masks, there was a little message behind.

Otomen taught me that everyone of us is different and to be the odd one in the society is nothing to be ashamed of.



I suppose… these pretty much sum up Otomen.