Sumpah Pemuda!

It’s 28th of October and it’s the Indonesian Youth Pledge Day! I have been reading Pramoedya Ananta Toer’s Buru Quartet (not so much of a quartet since I’ve only read three of them) and I could not drop them down as I was submerged into the national awakening of the Indies.

To discover one’s identity, one does not need to roam the entire world to look for it. In our dearest Minke’s case, he had been looking hard in his own Ibu Pertiwi (Motherland).




Song of The Week #4 – “Good Love” by Dynamic Duo

K-Pop has broadened my views about the rap world. It started off with some introductions, then I ended up liking it and eventually loving it. I managed to remove some of the crude and brusque stereotypes I had before. Some of you rappers out there are truly the modern poets.

Anyhow, I shall greet my final exam with a song from Dynamic Duo.

It’s just one of those songs that made me swayed along with the rhythm, put down my pen and looked up on the internet for its English lyrics. Which eventually led to some major intervals during my revision sessions (read: procrastinating).


For you, I will only deal with darkness, you just need to bloom

I pray that you will always be well


Thank you — Good love



My Spring 2014 Playlist

Yesterday was a bank holiday for the UK, this was due to celebrating the season of new beginnings; SPRING! I’m just going to talk about my spring life’s top 5 soundtracks. Songs that make me giddy and somewhat reflective at the same time.

By the way, the videos here don’t belong to me. They belong to their rightful owners.


1. “The Flowers” by Busker Busker

Albeit a very simple song lyrically (That flowers, the flowers, that one flower, yes yes, it has bloomed~), the melody is very catchy for my ears. The harmonica compliments the song very well. This song fits well whenever I walked to school as I passed by blossom trees and their petals being blown to my face by the wind.


2. “My Way” by Wheesung

I wouldn’t find this song it wasn’t for the drama “Dr. Champ.” I think Wheesung is basically saying that ‘this is my way and this is my pace’ in handling matters in life. For me, a new beginning should be taken full of easiness and love. On the other hand, this song could also mean that someone is just hopelessly falling in love (as I interpreted it from its English translation).


3. “Hotaru no Hikari” by Ikimonogakari

Optimism! It’s one of the most essential elements in the season of new life. As the bitter winter memories began to melt, we started to create new murals of our story in the spring. 🙂


4. “Baru” by Tulus

This one is an Indonesian song performed by Tulus, Pop Jazz seems to be his main field. I recently downloaded “Baru” and I think my iTunes’ replay button is going to crumble at any time soon because of this song.

Tulus here talks about surprises in a new start. The chorus of the song is pretty straightforward too.

“Enjoy my surprise,

It’s the new me,

Enjoy the nostalgia,

No longer in your power.”


5. “Humble” by Soluna Samay

“Life is making me humble, every step I take I stumble…”

Got it. Lessons from the past are learnt, no more falling into the same hole anymore. However, albeit gaining more and more experienced, introspection is very much essential. The answers of my unanswered questions are scattered on the path of life as they make me becoming humbler step by step.

Song of The Week #3 – “Tunggu Aku di Jakarta” by Sheila On 7


So this song is the first Indonesian song for my usual Song of The Week post. I’m currently in the middle of my spring break already, pretty much spending my time inside the house instead of bathing myself in the (not so) blazing sun in Torquay’s beach. I don’t know if this was just me but it seems like as the season is changing from the cold winter into the supposedly lovely spring, instead of spraying its desirable heat rays, I felt like it sprays me cold rays.

*Shrugs* Maybe I’m just missing the Indonesian sun…? Who knows.


Sheila On 7, an Indonesian band which was originally established in Yogyakarta, a special province located in the central of the Java island and they specialised on alternative rock musics. The thing is, as the boyband and girlband wave hit Indonesia, band such as Sheila On 7 is slowly being pushed towards the edge of the current Indonesian music industry.

The song “Tunggu Aku di Jakarta” literally means “Wait For Me in Jakarta.” From my perspective, this song is about distant relationship and chasing dream. For Indonesians you see (especially those outside of the capital), Jakarta is viewed as the land of opportunity, the thought of ‘Jakarta has everything’ is pretty much inside most of our heads.

*Ahem* Unless you’re really proud just because you go shopping in Singapore frequently then it’s a different case haha.

This song has a sort of precious feeling into it for me as I keep on remembering the loved ones that I left behind. At the same time though, it gives me strength. It makes me go back on my original track and my main purpose on why I’m coming half way across the world.

To my dear ones, please, tunggu aku di Jakarta.


Song of the Week #2 – “Niliria” by G-Dragon (ft. Missy Elliot)

Niliria absolutely caught my ears with its catchy folk tune as Teddy (of YG), being the producer of the song remarked “I know on the other side of the world, they’re always dying to hear something ethnic.” I could also feel the international diplomacy vibe in the song as Missy Elliot joined in the juicy rapping session. I personally think that making a bold fusion of tradition and modernness is the hottest trend right now.

Kudos to GD & Missy Elliot!


Song of The Week #1 – “New Beautiful” by EPIK HIGH

I do like Big Bang since the boys are the ones who got me into this whole K-Pop deal. But when I looked through YG Entertainment even more and found EPIK HIGH, they instantly got my respect for the meaningful lyrics in their raps.

“Ugly is…

Different is…

Broken is…

The new beautiful.”

For me, “New Beautiful” is like an encouragement to those soldiers out there who still stand up in their ground firmly with their very own principles, facing our society today. It’s a matter of perspectives really, as it was said in the lyrics too. “We’re just different because we don’t like the obvious answers.” Everyone wants to be known and we want to be recognised by society, because it’s a part of our nature.

“Yeah, so what if I act perverse, different, or wrong? (It’s ok)

So what if I offend those precious eyes of yours? (It’s ok)

So what if I’m attracted to unwelcomed love? (It’s ok)”

I really like the part where at the end, Tablo was all like “Real is the new beautiful.” Because everything that he raps, is the truth.


Hi World

I suppose this WordPress is like my fifth blog now. The previous ones that I made were a bunch of things that in the beginning I sprinkled with a lot of my opinions on life, Indonesia, and my one and only passion, the sport of fencing. Unfortunately, they just… coughed, spluttered, and died eventually.

As you know, I’m an Indonesian. English may not be my first tongue but I will try my best to maintain this blog’s English posts with the most decent English grammar as possible.

I’m a wandering vagabond that still has a long journey to go. I see so many paths are waiting to be chosen, each of them holds their very own secrets. I still have some time in choosing these paths. I can be very picky of them sometimes, but I still admit that making mistake and experience are the best gurus in life.

About fandoms… Since I get bored of things easily, my fandoms are ranged from things like anime, asian dramas, fencing (hey, sport can be a fandom too, no?), and the ever-so popular K-Pop also entered my list as of late.

Why, because I’m so cultured. Ahahahaha…