Salam kenal (Nice to meet you)! My name is Nibras.

I do have a lot of fandoms ranging from the very thing that I’m passionate of–which is fencing (sport can be a fandom too right??), swords, knights, samurais, and hussars. The list extends until it reaches things like Asian dramas, K-Pop, J-Pop, anime, manga, FOOD (Asian food doh)Β and… yeah, I’m very much hardcore about Asia. Since I was born and raised in Indonesia, culture is something that is very much fundamental in my life.

I’m also a vagabond. Well I’m currently pursuing my education abroad. I have a lot of perks as a traveling student-fencer. At the same time, I’m very much thankful for this chance of exploring another side of the world and encountering many other people with different cultural backgrounds. At the same time, enriching my knowledge of fencing in some ways that I wouldn’t even dream of. I personally think anywhere in Europe is like a pilgrimage place for a fencer like me


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