The Paraphernalia of Exams

“The more I study

The more I know

The more I know

The more I forget

The more I forget

The less I know

So why study?”

-Quoted from an infamous Oxford postcard

Long hiatus, I have no regret somehow. I thought I might just give up on the whole idea of writing things being the inconsistent author I am. As I’ve been taking literature classes, the subject have drained the life of my brain due to Shakespeare and his obsession of getting things on strict ‘structure.’ With all due respect Shakespeare, all I see that laid in front of my eyes, every time the teacher gave another piece of sonnet you crafted so beautifully–was a graveyard occupied with tombstones and carved on them; ‘Here Lies Readership.’

No I’m just playing sir. Truly, your title of the second most-read book author in Great Britain (The Holy Bible rank #1 if I’m not mistaken) proved just how much you’ve accomplished.

I do not know if that would sound like an insult or not, however, my teacher told me not to be ‘too criticizing’ when writing an essay on the works of incredible literary individuals. I did several on Wilde’s Importance of Being Earnest. As quoted here: “Don’t write ‘he had successfully written blablabla’ of course he did! he’s Oscar Wilde for God’s sake!”

Whilst sitting on the chair sometimes, I found myself on the verge of tears as I dwelled in my own thoughts about all the dysfunctional love experiences I’ve had as an adolescence.

Us iGCSEs soon enough are going to claim our diploma with a minimum of C as a passing grade on every subject. I have a feeling Maths is going to torture me with its most detestable gobbledygooks.

Nibras I bought 2 durians, on the next day, Nibras II gave her 2 durians. How many durians does Nibras I have in the end?

You look at the mark scheme and then it says there;


My problem with this society in a nutshell.



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