~ Eid Special ~ Of Sabre, Hijab, and Ibtihaj Muhammad

Eid Mubarak everyone! Hope you all had a blessed day and let’s pray for those who are going through a tougher time than us during this festive time. I feel like this year’s Ramadhan really kicked me in the gut with all of these mass news coming from the Gaza Strip.

On the other side though, the news of the US Women’s Sabre Team winning a gold medal at the World Championship in Kazan at least managed to distract me. I’ve been seeing them since the last Worlds (which was held in Budapest) where they triumphed over their victory against the Italian Women Sabre Team. It was a pretty thrilling match seeing as the Italians have been well-known to be the fencing powerhouse too.

This particular individual lured me to keep my eyes open on any news regarding the US Women’s Sabre Team.

Source: online.wsj.com

Ibtihaj Muhammad!

I discovered her when I was a complete newbie at fencing. I had a bit of confidence issue I suppose, couldn’t stop asking myself sometimes “is it normal for someone like me to play this kind of sport?” Constantly conscious of the stares people were giving too, wondering whether they were feeling sympathy because I would be burning up inside of these thick gears.

My Dad said that from everything that seems to be negative, always look for its positive side first. Ibti taught me that “the heat is the least of our concern.” As she stated in an article, fencing is something that facilitates her to cover up. Ah, right. Why didn’t I realise this at first instead of bothering whether it’d be warm or not inside of those jackets?

Do not live up to the mainstream’s expectations.

“When most people picture an Olympic fencer, they probably do not imagine a person like me. Fortunately, I am not most people.”

We are benders of the element of surprise afterall hehehe. 😀

it’s also a matter of balance in life. Doing sport benefits a lot for our body, as simple as that. Whatever it is that we practise as our norms shouldn’t hinder us for doing our passions. Sport reveals characters whilst it continuously unleash the best of us and our flaws.

-Nibras S.


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