Halo Ramadhan

So today was the first day of fasting in the month of Ramadhan for the Muslims in Indonesia. I wish good luck for all of us in carrying out our duty and hopefully it will be another enjoyable experience just like the previous years. 🙂

Best thing about Ramadhan is its sense of belonging I suppose. I feel like families are getting together more often during Ramadhan than any other months on the calendar, we’re all huddling around the table. As for me, Ramadhan is also a time where I really really really am thankful for the meals I have. A time where I appreciate foods and drinks as I think about our unlucky brothers and sisters out there who may not have a single penny in their pocket.

By the way, getting angry is forbidden during Ramadhan because it will break the fast. I’m particularly grateful for this as people have been bashing the two presidential candidates for the upcoming presidential election on the 9th of July. So yeah, #flashnews Indonesia is going to have a new president.

Foods. They are everywhere. As for my family, foods on the table be like…


Or like one of those Rumah Makan Padang near your house hehehe.

Source: antarasumbar.com

Soutce: antarasumbar.com


It’s simply a time where you couldn’t get enough of saying “Alhamdulillah.”




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