When I’m At My Lowest Point…

I’ve never been the best in overcoming my anxieties, so writing is usually my escapade to vent out my troubles. Though there were times when I just couldn’t help it, so eventually I cried. It is as if all the things that I’ve been protecting in this strong barrier suddenly burst just like that. I felt relieve though in most cases, but usually it’ll be followed by this hollowness inside.

The hollowness may be a mixture of loneliness, in which I would ask myself whether I’m the only one who experienced this kind of thing amongst the 7 billions of the human population. Then I would become all nostalgic where I really really really wished for time to go back and take me to my younger days. Where the society won’t see me as a lonely stranger but instead would welcome me as a mere innocent child.

Inside, it felt like my own hope-built up sword just stabbed me, then some unknown force twisted it.

Like I’m a knight on the battle field, taking the arrows for my comrades and they stood there, stupefied and eventually… left.




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