On Indomie…

Before I step beyond the border of my comfort zone

You are in my luggage ‘must’ list

You lure me into the world of procrastination

By the spices fragrance

That is your perfume

Back home Mum would nag me

If I consumed you too much

But here

She said you’re a staple food for us

Somewhat a life safer too

I didn’t really know your worth back home

As I took every bite of you here

I can feel the bitterness in my tongue

Of homesickness

At the same time

Your broth warmed my heart

As if you were saying ‘It’s okay, you’re not alone’

For every slurp

For every burp

It feels like I’m home again


Inspired by this

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 7.38.29 PM


Sacha Stevenson belongs to Sacha Stevenson





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