My Spring 2014 Playlist

Yesterday was a bank holiday for the UK, this was due to celebrating the season of new beginnings; SPRING! I’m just going to talk about my spring life’s top 5 soundtracks. Songs that make me giddy and somewhat reflective at the same time.

By the way, the videos here don’t belong to me. They belong to their rightful owners.


1. “The Flowers” by Busker Busker

Albeit a very simple song lyrically (That flowers, the flowers, that one flower, yes yes, it has bloomed~), the melody is very catchy for my ears. The harmonica compliments the song very well. This song fits well whenever I walked to school as I passed by blossom trees and their petals being blown to my face by the wind.


2. “My Way” by Wheesung

I wouldn’t find this song it wasn’t for the drama “Dr. Champ.” I think Wheesung is basically saying that ‘this is my way and this is my pace’ in handling matters in life. For me, a new beginning should be taken full of easiness and love. On the other hand, this song could also mean that someone is just hopelessly falling in love (as I interpreted it from its English translation).


3. “Hotaru no Hikari” by Ikimonogakari

Optimism! It’s one of the most essential elements in the season of new life. As the bitter winter memories began to melt, we started to create new murals of our story in the spring. 🙂


4. “Baru” by Tulus

This one is an Indonesian song performed by Tulus, Pop Jazz seems to be his main field. I recently downloaded “Baru” and I think my iTunes’ replay button is going to crumble at any time soon because of this song.

Tulus here talks about surprises in a new start. The chorus of the song is pretty straightforward too.

“Enjoy my surprise,

It’s the new me,

Enjoy the nostalgia,

No longer in your power.”


5. “Humble” by Soluna Samay

“Life is making me humble, every step I take I stumble…”

Got it. Lessons from the past are learnt, no more falling into the same hole anymore. However, albeit gaining more and more experienced, introspection is very much essential. The answers of my unanswered questions are scattered on the path of life as they make me becoming humbler step by step.


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