The Eyes That See Everything

This is a pretty random story, it took place around February-March this year. It was that time where I was preparing for my very first competition here in England, which was the BYC qualifier for the South West region. I don’t know why but I just find this story pretty amusing somehow and I just couldn’t help but to smile like a cheshire cat every time I recollect the story.

It was one of those (supposedly) ordinary days where we walked to school in the morning as my Indonesian skin tried to fight the chilly winter breeze under the thick coat I wore.

That morning, I recalled that I (idiotically) shove the competition’s sign up form into my cardigan’s lace pocket since I was in a hurry. It’s this thing here.


My roommate and I walked down as we passed the bus stop we usually encountered in our way. Coincidentally a bus was also stopping there that moment.

The next thing was that my roommate and I, we stopped on our track as soon as we heard someone said “excuse me” from behind. A lad cladded with the typical British school garb told me that I had dropped something and my breath hitched for a moment there.

It was my competition’s sign up form.

I was all, “OhmyGodOhmyGodOhmyGod how could this happen just how stupid am I to actually count on some lace pocket to keep a very important piece of paper blablabla.”

The next thing I knew, I kept on grinning and giggling to myself. Conceit began to somewhat overwhelmed me as I kept on repeating, “God wants me to win in the competition, a medal will be in my hands hehehehe.” This incident, was my main motivator for the competition.

As days passed, I went to the competition and thankfully got into the elimination round. Event hough I only ranked in the 4th place out of five fencers (category U16), I still got a bronze medal and was qualified for the next big thing (which was the British Youth Championship in Sheffield). I told my coach about that particular incident, he smiled as he told me, “Someone is looking after you.”



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