Learning is a Process, Not a Race


This story was based on my personal experience during my first time fencing, I think it was around 2012 when I just started to fence. Every time I practise and did something ‘perfectly right,’ my coach would constantly fired me up with compliments, I got so used to it I think I managed to get to the point where I was blinded by conceit.

One day, my club was invited to an annual competition in a particular school. I was so confident that I would even get to the finals I even trained my victorious scream just the night before the competition (Aish… so embarrassed).

But then in the seeding round, I eventually lost… ouch.

Truthfully, I admitted that I was ignorant of ‘the right of way’ rule in foil that time. My short temper wasn’t making it any easy for me too, resulting the attacks that I executed were parried so many times. I froze on the piste and I couldn’t think of making any move whatsoever, I just let myself became some fencing dummy for them to stab on. I went through a major emotional breakdown after that.

I cried a lot at that time. I put my expectation too high, then when I fell, the pain that I should bear was just too much. The worst part was that I even thought about quitting fencing. I felt like I didn’t even have the confidence to hold my foil anymore (I was a foilist for a short time). I also found how precious my teammates are for me. They helped me to get through all sorts of ups and downs and the thought of moving to another club is just simply unbearable for me.

This also triggered me in believing that no one is made to be a prodigy no matter what sport he or she begins with. Every person has their very own potential and I believe anyone can fence. The difference is in how much we’re putting the effort in every parry, every riposte, every footwork, and every lunge.





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