Mother’s Day…Sobs Sobs



I think this is the soundtrack of my Mother’s Day.

“Parents, you owe them a lot. You may not prayed to have them but they may have prayed to have you.”

~Mufti Menk

When you first stepped your feet for the first time in the foreign country, Dad was with us. Unfortunately though, he wasn’t able to utter a single English word other than ‘Yes,’ ‘No,’ and ‘Thank you.’ You with your untidy English grammar had to step forward and be the speaker for the family.

Yet, I didn’t see a single flash of embarrassment in your facade when you spoke.

Was that how you also encouraged your daughter?

That, even a person with untidy grammar could actually survive in a foreign land.

Days passed by for us and we were still struggling finding the right foods to eat, younger sis kept on complaining of how she didn’t like anything here, but you were patient and clever enough to come up with some other options.

During the induction week, I got acquainted with a particular Korean who said that she had been living in Germany for 8 years and that her family was with her all the time. Somehow, a wave of jealousy and embarrassment passed by me. I thought, wow, her family must had been a polyglot or something.

One day, her mother came and my Korean friend introduced her to me. Lovely lady with tidy locks, she only waved her hand at me and smiled. My friend said that her mother wanted to speak with the school counsellor and she also had to tag along. After that, she was done with her whole counseling session and I approached her saying that, “Wow, your mum must’ve had good English. No wonder she wanted to talk directly to the counsellor.”

“Oh no, I translated for her.” But there was no glint of embarrassment at all on her face.

From that I learnt how a mother-daughter relationship is all about.

I think, we’re like partners in crime in a way. You know, complimenting each other just like that.

I thought a lot about this but all that could came across me was how I kept on mocking the way you pronounced things wrongly.

They said that “Paradise lies at the feet of a Mother,” I don’t know if I deserved any of that paradise at all though…

When it was your last day staying int he UK with Dad and Sis, you took me to the dorm and on the doorstep you said with a playful tone “I never kissed you right? Come here then.” You pecked me on the cheek and said your last goodbye. Dad was sort of wrong to tell that I would be in the verge of tears when I was aboard on the plane. The plane was nothing, on the doorstep, I felt like weeping already.

Living abroad gave me unexpected life lessons that I hope I could bring home and teach some bits of them to younger sis. All this time we’ve always been happy whenever you and Dad weren’t home but now, I don’t think that’s a sign of a happy parents-daughters relationship at all. Eating Indomie alone was such an enjoyment for me because you wouldn’t interfere by taking all of those instant noodles package away. Now, I could only taste home–family, in every bit of it that I swallowed.

Anyway, Happy Mother’s Day Ma.

Well, in the UK at least.



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