Song of The Week #3 – “Tunggu Aku di Jakarta” by Sheila On 7


So this song is the first Indonesian song for my usual Song of The Week post. I’m currently in the middle of my spring break already, pretty much spending my time inside the house instead of bathing myself in the (not so) blazing sun in Torquay’s beach. I don’t know if this was just me but it seems like as the season is changing from the cold winter into the supposedly lovely spring, instead of spraying its desirable heat rays, I felt like it sprays me cold rays.

*Shrugs* Maybe I’m just missing the Indonesian sun…? Who knows.


Sheila On 7, an Indonesian band which was originally established in Yogyakarta, a special province located in the central of the Java island and they specialised on alternative rock musics. The thing is, as the boyband and girlband wave hit Indonesia, band such as Sheila On 7 is slowly being pushed towards the edge of the current Indonesian music industry.

The song “Tunggu Aku di Jakarta” literally means “Wait For Me in Jakarta.” From my perspective, this song is about distant relationship and chasing dream. For Indonesians you see (especially those outside of the capital), Jakarta is viewed as the land of opportunity, the thought of ‘Jakarta has everything’ is pretty much inside most of our heads.

*Ahem* Unless you’re really proud just because you go shopping in Singapore frequently then it’s a different case haha.

This song has a sort of precious feeling into it for me as I keep on remembering the loved ones that I left behind. At the same time though, it gives me strength. It makes me go back on my original track and my main purpose on why I’m coming half way across the world.

To my dear ones, please, tunggu aku di Jakarta.



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