JYP Recruited a Hong Kong National Fencing Representative

I know that JYP’s new boy group has debuted for quite some time now. I was on youtube randomly looking for ‘kpop fencing,’ the results shown were those that were related to welcoming the 2012 London Olympics where idols were picked and participated in any kind of Olympic sports. I know that most of them weren’t professionals in the sport but seeing them having fun was enough to make my day.

This one for instance

Turned out, there was another a result in youtube saying ‘GOT7 Jackson Shows Off Fencing Skill.’ Curiosity led me to the video.

Jacksong Wang, a student of American International School and champion for the 2011 Asian Junior & Cadet Championship in Men’s Sabre.


Why mate, aren’t we just you know… maybe by any chance, destined to be doing the same weapon? He he he…


From his instagram #StalkerAlert, I personally think Jackson misses the fencing time he had before he became an idol, looking from the amount of fencing-related photos he have. I really hope Jackson would still be able to continue his fencing training even though he may as well be so occupied with his current schedule and hopefully he would still be able to participate in Asian fencing events.


See? Even GOT7 is into fencing

By the way, I posted some fencing photos from the 2012 Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championship that (coincidentally) was held in my country, in Bali to be exact. I did see some of Jackson’s comrades represented Hong Kong.

ImageThat’s Nicholas Choi, about to fight against a pretty well-known national fencer from my country, Aditya Baskara.

I found several videos of pre-debut Jackson with his fencing teammate. Nicholas here is a foilist so he has a different weapon from Jackson’s. My Auntie fangirl-ed a lot when she saw the Hong Kong foilist, I think she managed to take a picture with him too. Unfortunately though, I didn’t get the chance to catch a glimpse of Men’s Sabre.

Two years later, I discovered a teammate of Nicholas became an idol.

Can I just say… our lovely world is just so small somehow?



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