Beauty Samurai With Masaki Okada


According to UrbanDictionary, Otomen is “a man who has feminine hobbies and skills and a feminine way of thinking.” In other words, a girlish guy.

In this live action drama with the same title adapted from the manga made by Aya Kanno, the main character was played by Okada Masaki. He portrayed Masamune Asuka who was known to be the principal’s son and the word ‘charismatic’ was smeared all over his face wherever he went to. All of his kouhais looked up to him for being so competent in the Japanese martial art of kendo. However, behind that perfectionist facade, lied another side of Asuka.

After school he would immediately rushed to his room and opened up his secret drawers full of fuwa fuwa things that he may as well made by himself. He knitted dolls clothing, he’s a brilliant cook (made myself as a female ashamed of how I cooked a particular carbonara that tasted like vomit, ew), he had great taste in women fashion and he also read shoujo manga.

I must admit though, at the first glance this drama’s main attraction was the kendo itself. I’m a fencer and I just couldn’t help but to fangirl at anything sword-related, that is including seeing how ‘fencing’s distant cousin’ is being put up in a drama. Otomen also never failed to entertain me in so many ways. Behind all of those humorous masks, there was a little message behind.

Otomen taught me that everyone of us is different and to be the odd one in the society is nothing to be ashamed of.



I suppose… these pretty much sum up Otomen.



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