Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championship 2012

Asian Junior & Cadet Fencing Championship 2012

IMG_3554 IMG_3543 IMG_3542 IMG_3473 IMG_3472 IMG_3440

IMG_3556 IMG_3605 IMG_3623 IMG_3635 IMG_3654

Spamming my blog with these photos taken with my amateur photography skill during the 2012 AJCF in Bali.

It was a real pleasure to fangirl at these athletes, not to mention it was a pure coincidence that they held it in Bali. Aish… they were so cool lah.

The outcomes of the competition, weren’t any surprising at all. From the results that I saw on the Asian Fencing Federation website, Asia’s powerhouses (Japan, S. Korea, China) still held their grounds firm on the podium stage.

But it was also good to see rising stars came from countries such as Kuwait, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Australia, and Vietnam.

Viva la Asian Fencing!



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