Song of The Week #1 – “New Beautiful” by EPIK HIGH

I do like Big Bang since the boys are the ones who got me into this whole K-Pop deal. But when I looked through YG Entertainment even more and found EPIK HIGH, they instantly got my respect for the meaningful lyrics in their raps.

“Ugly is…

Different is…

Broken is…

The new beautiful.”

For me, “New Beautiful” is like an encouragement to those soldiers out there who still stand up in their ground firmly with their very own principles, facing our society today. It’s a matter of perspectives really, as it was said in the lyrics too. “We’re just different because we don’t like the obvious answers.” Everyone wants to be known and we want to be recognised by society, because it’s a part of our nature.

“Yeah, so what if I act perverse, different, or wrong? (It’s ok)

So what if I offend those precious eyes of yours? (It’s ok)

So what if I’m attracted to unwelcomed love? (It’s ok)”

I really like the part where at the end, Tablo was all like “Real is the new beautiful.” Because everything that he raps, is the truth.



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