Hi World

I suppose this WordPress is like my fifth blog now. The previous ones that I made were a bunch of things that in the beginning I sprinkled with a lot of my opinions on life, Indonesia, and my one and only passion, the sport of fencing. Unfortunately, they just… coughed, spluttered, and died eventually.

As you know, I’m an Indonesian. English may not be my first tongue but I will try my best to maintain this blog’s English posts with the most decent English grammar as possible.

I’m a wandering vagabond that still has a long journey to go. I see so many paths are waiting to be chosen, each of them holds their very own secrets. I still have some time in choosing these paths. I can be very picky of them sometimes, but I still admit that making mistake and experience are the best gurus in life.

About fandoms… Since I get bored of things easily, my fandoms are ranged from things like anime, asian dramas, fencing (hey, sport can be a fandom too, no?), and the ever-so popular K-Pop also entered my list as of late.

Why, because I’m so cultured. Ahahahaha…



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